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Striptease Escort Service 

One of the services most requested by our customers is the Striptease Escort Service, which is a service that allows all of our customers to have a front row seat to witness one of the most beautiful striptease of our accompanying children.
This service is perfect for many applications, such as pre-sex stimulation, or a bachelore party, and our girls are able to bring a hot nudity to life anytime!

If you want to use our Striptease Escort service, read this article, and we will give you all the information you need to understand if our additional service is what you have been looking for!

Striptease escort service ... I love it! How it works?

Most of our premium models know how to dance to perfection and can perform the perfect striptease for all of our clients whenever required. Due to the great demand for a service of this kind, we decided to use the talent of our girls in the best way, and here was the new Striptease Escort, the service that allows all of our customers to have a special beautiful offer with striptease at any time they wish.

Thanks to this service, in fact, it is possible to hire one of our lovely escort girls and we are honored to attend a sexy private striptease in your hotel room. That's right, the girl you pick will undress for you without any supervision, and won't stop until you're completely naked. We can assure you that this is an offer that you will never forget.

Where can you operate this service?

This service, like many of the services that we provide to all of our customers, can only be performed in your hotel room, in order to ensure maximum privacy for you and the girl you have chosen.

Can I choose the girl's outfit and what should she keep at the end of the bar?

Sure. You have complete freedom in choosing which girl's outfit and what to keep at the end of the stripping. For example, we have clients who want a girl to keep high heels at the end of a striptease or fishnet stockings.

However, we ask that you choose an outfit that is easy to take off and does not hinder movement in any way. You can ask the girl not to wear high-heeled shoes or jeans, for example. Your cooperation will allow the facility you have chosen to perform the service in the best way.

Can I also choose the music I want?

Yes sure. With your smartphone, you can choose the music you want. We advise you to choose romantic music that allows your chosen girl to move with temptation only for you. And be careful, keep the volume of the music low so as not to disturb other hotel guests.

Can I have sex with the companion I choose on this service?

Sorry but the answer to this question is no. Our Striptease Escort service only aims to stimulate a first-class sex show, which you can see exclusively in your hotel room. You will not be able to have sex in any way during this service, but nothing also prevents you from purchasing escort services where sex with the Striptease Escort Service is offered, for example, the basic package with normal sex and tongue with a condom or an A- escort service Level for anal sex.
Alternatively, you can only purchase this service, but remember you will not be able to have sex in any way. it's your choice.

Can this service be used in stag parties?

Of course, we have many clients who use it for this. A beautiful striptease is definitely a welcome gift for the groom. If you have to do a bachelor party, contact us and we will organize everything for you.

What would you recommend to make a good impression?

Try to be polite, respectful, and keep a safe distance from the girl so she can safely show off. Remember, she is a professional who works for you and she will be happy to respect her. Don't forget to give her the opportunity to take a shower and be able to put on her clothes when she finishes her show.

The safety distance is very important, so do not touch the girl for any reason while dancing, especially in the vulva or the breast. You can only do this in other services, in the Striptease Escort Service you just have to look, not touch.

What better not to do this so as not to risk not spoiling the service?

First, don't forget to show respect to the girl you work for. Do not try to touch or masturbate the girl anywhere on her body. Likewise, do not masturbate while watching Striptease Escort Service.

We also remind you that you cannot take photos or videos during the Striptease Escort Service and throughout your Bali Escort Experience.

Can I hire two girls for this service?

Do you want to trespass? No problem, you can hire all the girls you want for this service. If you want something special, like custom costumes or cosplay, please feel free to contact us and we will study with you the best way to give you exactly what you want.

How can I book this service?

Booking this service is very simple. All of our girls are excellent dancers, and you can choose them for striptease escort service. Tell us where and when the service is provided, and we will arrange a reservation for you!

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